AUG 01: Viewed and reviewed The Legacy (1956).
JUL 31: Viewed and reviewed The Hidden Thing (1956).
JUL 21: Trying out a new page design for the tv episodes, and with that I have published my review of The Belfry (1956).
APR 23: Viewed and reviewed the "Presents" episode, Never Again (1956).
MAR 24: Added some cast screenshots for Frenzy (1972). Added Charles Coburn to the site.
MAR 15: Added the cast screenshots for Lifeboat (1944).
MAR 11: Added Maureen O'Hara (and others).
MAR 04: Added Charles Laughton.
MAR 03: Really sorry about the apparent abandonment of the site (not the case) but I have had some issues with my other site ( which needed sorting out. Have got back on this site today to start adding some more stuff. HITCHCOCK hasn't been forgotten.... I'm on it, folks!! Bear with me.
JAN 31: Added Patricia Hitchcock.
JAN 27: Added James Stewart, Virginia Valli, Carmelia Geraghty, and Miles Mander to the site.
JAN 25: Added John Forsythe.
JAN 23: More actors added to the site: Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Leo G. Carroll, Ray Teal, Frances Bavier, Ray Montgomery, John Gallaudet, Norman Willis, John Day. Also added in the previously-written reviews for a couple more of the "Presents" episodes: Premonition, Triggers In Leash, and Don't Come Back Alive.
JAN 21: Slowly, slowly, the site is starting to take shape. Long way to go of course. Just added the films to the Films button at the top of every screen. None of the links lead to the actual pages yet - I have to add those pages in separately. Apart from Sabotage, which is already up (though not completed).
JAN 18: Brand new episode review done and published: The Orderly World Of Mr. Appleby. Also added all of the cast from the episode to the site with individual pages as well.
JAN 17: Added Harry Tyler and Olan Soule.
JAN 16: Added Geoff Thinks... - a page of personal comments and opinions on the tv shows from my co-collaborator Geoff Collins, who will be working alongside me on this site. Added Raymond Bailey. Added a forum for this website.
JAN 15: Added review for Portrait Of Jocelyn, as well as actors: Philip Abbott, Nancy Gates and John Baragrey. Added Cary Grant on request.
JAN 13: Added Grace Kelly.
JAN 11: Added John Qualen and Lorne Greene to the site.
JAN 10: Some actors have been added to this site. For a complete list please refer to this page. Be advised this site is still in development so don't expect anything to work properly just yet!
It is not the aim of this website project to cover absolutely every aspect of Alfred Hitchcock. There are many books, websites, documentaries and other media available which cover his life and works, many of them in great detail. Instead, this website aims to simplify his work into four categories:
-All the films directed by Hitchcock, each with plot summary, a few personal opinions and cast screenshots.
-All the episodes from the television series, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".
-All the episodes from the television series, "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour".
-Brief cast biographies from those who appeared in the films and televison shows.
For all birth & death dates, as well as locations I have begrudgingly used the infamously-incorrect IMDb as a starting point in order to get the pages up and running. These dates will later be investigated by me for their validity. In preparing the actors' individual pages, in addition to the IMDb I have consulted the on-line Hitchcock Wiki. Other sources, mostly books, have also been sourced for information. This is merely a set-up procedure, as I do not trust the IMDb (that site has continually been a thorn in my side and my research over at my other website for many years, and in preparing for the initail pages on this site had already discovered incorrect information on both it and the Hitchcock Wiki. If you find something on this site which you think is incorrect, I'd be grateful if you could contact me either via e-mail or by using the forum and you will be afforded due credit on the site.

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Hi, I am Lord Heath and this is COMPLETE HITCHCOCK.COM
On this website I will review every film directed by Alfred Hitchcock between 1925-1976;
plus all the episodes from the TV series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" [268 episodes] and "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" [93 episodes].


From 2011-present I have also been working on a website dedicated to the films made by Hal Roach:

Chris Bungo (special thanks); IMDb (film listings);
*I should state that in researching this subject I have already found incorrect information on both the IMDb (there's a big surprise) and the Hitchcock Zone. This is what happens when one copies the other and doesn't do its own research/work.

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